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May 23, 2017 Hunting Tips, Squirrel Hunting

5 Essential Tips For Spring Squirrel Hunting

squirrel hunting tips in the spring

Squirrel hunting in the spring is a great way to get your hunting fix in during during the deer hunting off season. It’s one of the most popular small game animals to hunt. It’s a great way to get the little ones involved in hunting and the outdoors but also a lot of fun for even seasoned hunters.

1. Timing matters
Squirrels don’t like the hot sun, so they are usually moving about right as the sun is coming up and right before the sun is going down. They stay put during the heat of the day.

2. Shoes
Wear comfortable shoes. You will be moving around quiet a bit during squirrel hunting so you’ll want to wear something that won’t give you a painful blister at the end of the day. It’s not required to wear camo hunting boots. A pair of nice, comfortable hiking shoes are just fine.

3. Don’t forget the creeks
Squirrels need water just as we do. Freshwater creeks give them the water they need in order to get through the heat of the day. Keep an eye on the creeks and I’m sure you’ll spot a squirrel, especially during an afternoon hunt.

4. What weapon to use
You can use either a rifle or shotgun for squirrel hunting. I prefer to use a .22 caliber rifle with scope. It’s more challenging and there’s no need to worry about biting into a shotgun pellet after frying them up.

5. Look around the ground
As with any squirrel hunt, it’s always best to keep watch and look for any movement. Squirrels are easy to spot if you stand still. Look for them in the trees moving around, but don’t forget to look at ground level as well.

Squirrel hunting means you get to be outside in the outdoors more. It’s fun for both young and old.

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