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May 21, 2011 Hunting News

79-Year-Old Shoots Fellow Turkey Hunter


According to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department, 79 year old James Wennerlind of Plymouth, Minnesota accidentally shot 27-year-old Matthew Raley of Platteville, Wisconsin.

Matthew Raley was guiding James Wennerlind and his son on a turkey hunt. The old man fell asleep and the guide walked into the field to try to spot some birds to hunt. When he walked back toward the slumbering hunters, he was mistaken for a turkey and Wennerlind opened fire.

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The shot was taken from about 25 yards. Raley took some pellets to the top of the head, but after being treated at a nearby hospital he was released.

The story was reported on, website of WMTV out of Madison, Wisconsin. Several comments have been posted posing some interesting questions. One user wonders if 79 is too old to hunt, or if perhaps vision tests should be a requirement to hunt or even to obtain a firearm.

Facts show that despite other factors, Wennerlind’s aim was lacking. He stuck Raley in the top of the head with his shot, indicating his aim was 2-3 feet high.

At the time of writing, the incident is under investigation.


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