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August 11, 2011 Hunting News

Antlerless Deer Hunt Inside The City Limits

Most deer hunting occurs outside the city limits, but the city of Sioux Falls and the South Dakota Game, Fish and Wildlife Department are getting ready for the second annual archery hunt inside the city limits.

The bucks are safe this time, but all antlerless deer are fair game.

The Antlerless Deer Hunt is being held to control the large herd of deer in Sioux Falls. Officials say the city has one of the largest populations in the state.

Archery hunters harvested 21 antlerless deer last year. Officials say since it went so well, they wanted to do it again.

Seventy-seven hunters will be drawn and assigned a designated zone to hunt for a specific two-week period.

All hunters selected must have a statewide antlerless archery deer hunting license.

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