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November 6, 2016 Deer Hunting, Hunting News, Photos & Video

Arby’s Restaurant Sells Deer Meat Sandwiches

arbys deer meat sandwich - delicious venison

Fast food joints continue to surprise us with the oddest food creations. From the Whopperito to chocolate covered french fries, it just keeps getting worse. But deer meat lovers, we finally have something to look forward to.

Arby’s is now selling deer meat sandwiches and they might actually be delicious. Fans of venison might not even have to go out in the woods just to get their taste of deer for the year.

Based in Atlanta, the company says it will offer deer meat sandwiches on a roll. In official photos, the piece of meat looks like a pretty thick cut.

This is probably one of the wildest creations from any of the top 5 fast food chains. Nobody would think to go to a fast food joint and order a thick cut of deer meat.

Arby’s CMO Rob Lynch says “is probably the biggest stretch for us yet.”

The thick cut deer meat sandwich is available until November 28, 2016 in only six states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia.

UPDATED Nov 7, 2016: Most of the Arby’s locations are selling out of the deer meat sandwich due to it’s popularity. It has only served the sandwich where deer hunting is popular. The Nashville TN location sold out in only 2 hours.




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