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June 21, 2011 Hunting News

Black Bear On The Loose In New Jersey

A black bear was enjoying his day perched up in a tree in Metuchen when he finally came down late Monday evening, according to the homeowner whose backyard temporarily served as a home for the bear.

The young bear was stretched out in a tree about 75 feet in the air which was causing quite a stir in the neighborhood.

Shortly after 9pm, the bear descended the tree before finally hitting the ground and running out of sight.

Police called for backup units and cleared West Chestnut Avenue from onlookers, said Mark Elberger, a Metuchen resident whose tree held the black bear.

“He went over the fences and through the yards heading towards the Dismal Swamp,” Elberger said. “He is definitely out of my yard and heading that way. That is exactly where he belongs.”

Around 10pm Police said the bear was no longer in the area.

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