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deadly-animal-mosquitoe April 29, 2014

The Most Deadly Animal In The World

Have you ever thought about what the most deadly animal in the world is? It's not

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wildlife-conservation March 27, 2014

[Infographic ] How Americans Spend Money To Protect Wildlife And...

Americans spend millions each year on duck stamps, taxes, and donations to help

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huge deer antlers March 21, 2014

This Deer Has Huge Antlers…But You Won’t Believe Where He...

Must-See, Unbelievable Photo. Deer with huge antlers found in Bayfield, Colorado

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kayla-shavers January 19, 2014

Woman Left Kids In Frigid Car To Go Hog Hunting

Kayla Shavers, a mother of two from Florida was arrested after police say she left

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deer-with-arrow-in-head November 5, 2013

Officials In Search Of Deer With Arrow In Head

Someone took a bad shot and nearly knocked a deer blind. But with an arrow through

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