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world record deer - tennessee November 18, 2016

World Record 47 Point Deer Taken Near Nashville, TN

A potential world record 47 point buck was taken in Gallatin, TN by 26 year old

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Minnesota 36 point deer November 18, 2016

Huge 37 Point Buck Taken In Minnesota

This huge 36 point deer was taken by 78 year old Jim Wackler in Minnesota. Look at

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arbys deer meat sandwich - delicious venison November 6, 2016

Arby’s Restaurant Sells Deer Meat Sandwiches

Arby's starts selling deer meat sandwiches in six states where deer hunting is most

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How a silencer works on a gun March 5, 2015

How A Silencer Works On A Gun

Silencers are a very good way to help increase accuracy while shooting your gun.

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dude perfect archery November 20, 2014

The World’s Longest Archery Shot. You Have To See This!

DudePerfect, a group of best friends on Youtube, takes a shot at the world's longest

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