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August 24, 2016 Hunting Tips

How To Clean A Wild Turkey? Things You Need To Consider

Are you a first time turkey hunter and don’t know how to clean it up? You may find it a dirty and complex job, but correct cleaning strategy can help you to clean it up, hassle free.

In order to make it clean, you can use two methods: Plucking a turkey or skinning a turkey.

Plucking a turkey will take more time than skinning, thus, just better make a good decision in order to make it right. Only those go for plucking if they are looking for perfect moisture while cooking to make it so tasty. In plucking, you would remove the feathers of the turkey as you pluck a chicken by grasping the feathers which are close to the skin. Make sure to pull the feathers in a small amount so that you won’t damage your turkey at all.

Hang your turkey

Once skinning and plucking is done, you should hang the turkey for a while. Make sure you have hanged both the feet at chest level and it must be up to 12 to 18 inches apart from the ground. Most of the people love saving the turkey beard to add to their fan mount. If you would like to, grasp the beard close to the body and pull it hard. There will be some turkey skin tissue along with the beard, it’s normal and helps hold it together. Once it dries out, it’s fine.

Start cleaning by cutting important things

You can start cleaning it up by removing turkey’s fan cutting skin from the tail, next you carry on with cutting the wings at the elbow or can be taken from the second joint and later you should concentrate on the tail skin which can be off by pulling it down. The best trick is to try and skin off around the wings by pulling it down to the neck. Once you reach to the neck, cut off neck as well as the skin and all feathers, head and everything else will come off.

Removing the guts

Next, remove everything which you don’t need or want any more. All the lung material must be removed from the backbone. It can spoil quickly and start to stink real bad. Next, you need to cut down the legs at the knee.

The good stuff

Now, remove the breast and other meat you would like to eat. You can now either package each to freeze or go ahead and fire of the grill for a fresh wild turkey breast.

Cleaning a wild turkey isn’t as hard as it looks. With our guides, it can be pretty easy. Plus, cooking what you kill makes it even better. Enjoy 🙂

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