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September 29, 2016 Deer Hunting, Hunting News

Dilliecam: Watch Dillie The Deer Live On Cam 24/7

I came across this live deer webcam a few hours ago and had to share. Dillie is a farm born white tailed deer born blind and abandoned by his mother. He now lives inside with a whole family of loving people and animals. He even has his very own bedroom. If he’s not outside eating hay, playing outside or swimming in the pool, you can watch him on the webcam live below.

Dillie is not a typical deer you find out in the wild. Dillie was raised on a farm since birth and has adapted himself to being a docile pet in the house and on the farm.

Note: It is illegal to take a deer from the wild in the woods and take it home as a pet. They are wild creatures and should be handled only by trained wildlife officials and veterinarians.


For more photos and video of Dillie, see the website –

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