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March 19, 2011 Hunting News, Waterfowl Hunting

Australian Duck Hunting Protestor Shot In The Face

Looking for a good way to get shot in the face? How about wading waste deep in a lake surrounded by duck hunters on opening day! Ahhh… the perfect combination.

According to ABCNews Australia, A 14 year old by was waterfowl hunting with his uncle when he accidentally shot Julia Symons in the face. The incident happened on the first day of Victoria’s duck hunting season. “How did this happen” you ask?

Symons was protesting on behalf of the Coalition Against Duck Shooting when she injured in the accident. She suffered injuries to her face, teeth and hand during the accidental shooting on the morning of the opening day of duck hunting season at Lake Buloke in Victoria.

Witnesses say Symons was out in the water about waist deep trying to scare away birds and give assistance to birds that hit the water. Wow, really? What kind of assistance could she possibly provide to the birds after they hit the water?

Symons had noticeable bloody wounds on her face and hands but was still conscious when she was carried out from the water by other protestors. One of witness said she had multiple pellets in her chin and one of her teeth had been shot out. Ouch! She was taken to Horsham Hospital but was listed in stable condition.

The Duck hunters say Symons was breaking the law. Rod Drew, the CEO of Field and Game Australia reported that protesters are not allowed in the water while shooting is taking place. The Wildlife Act has safety regulations that states that no one is allowed to enter the water before 10am when hunting is occurring both for the protestors and the hunters safety.

Wildlife officers ended up fining 17 protestors for illegally entering the water. I wonder how well the rest of the duck hunters made out today?


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