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How do you feel about eating bear meat? If you’re like me, you may have never thought about this question before now. I came across this article and it was interesting.

There seems to be some awkwardness around the topic of eating bear meat. I guess I never questioned it. I’ve never killed a bear (though I’d like to at some point). And I always assumed that my friends who have killed bear brought the meat back along with the bearskin rug. But maybe I should ask to confirm.

The controversy seems to stem from the fact that people like bears. They are characters in our favorite books and fairy tales. They’re rarely seen in nature so they take on a somewhat mythical existence in our minds.  They’re constantly personified. In fact, I bet most kids would be surprised to learn that bears can’t actually talk.

They stand up on their hind legs. They climb trees. They build houses (dens at least). They’re omnivores. Truth is they have more in common with people than a lot of other animals. So, if and when you were to take one, would you eat it?

If your answer to that is a resounding ‘NO’ then you should probably avoid killing one. Nothing bugs me more than people who take an animal and then refuse to eat it because it’s “gross” or “inhumane.” But what if you’re on the fence? How do you decide if you’re ok with it or if it grosses you out?

Here’s my take. I believe animals were put here to be a part of the food chain and to help maintain order. And people are part of that food chain. There are a lot of animals that I have no qualms about eating–and with a few of them I chow down quite enthusiastically. But there are some that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot fork. But in other parts of the world, they are eaten every day and no one bats an eye.

My point is that if you want to eat bear meat, it’s your right and your privilege, assuming you obtain the meat legally and responsibly. And if you’re bothered by the fact that bears are cute and cuddly and most kids have stuffed representations of bears in their bedrooms, don’t eat it. Just don’t act all offended that there are people who hunt and kill bear.

And remember that all of our favorite animal Disney characters are eaten in various parts of the world. Different strokes for different folks, right?



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