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June 17, 2011 Reviews

Five Gift Ideas For The Outdoorzy Dad

Are you still scrambling to find some last minute Father’s Day gifts for your Outdoorzy dad? I’ve come up with a list of five products that you’re dad would love to be able to take to hunting camping this year. Check them out…

Camouflage Outdoor Patio Mat 
Outdoorzy dads love to be outside. Whether your dad is an RVer and likes to chill under the awning at the campsite or whether he just likes to chill outside on the beach, the camo outdoor patio mat is a good addition to his “stuff.” For the price, it’s a nice size mat at 9′ x 12′ that won’t break the pocket and will last years.

Bushnell 8.0 Megapixel Bone Collector™ Trophy Cam
Do you wonder how Michael Waddell and the rest of the Bone Collectors are so successful? They use the Bone Collector Trophy Cam. It records audio and video with support up to a 32GB SD card. And with the one-year battery life, you can leave it out in the woods 365 days a year and never worry about changing the batteries. Featuring high quality full color resolution and up to 8 megapixels per image, your photos will look great printed out or shown on the big tv screen.

Redhead Deluxe Gear Bag
This heavy duty, water resistant deluxe gear bag exclusively only at Bass Pro has been one of the best bags to carry around all my hunting clothes and accessories. I use it for small weekend trips, hunting adventures and overnight stays. The fabric is made of a thick, heavy duty nylon with a black 100% waterproof inside. Highly recommend to pack all dad’s hunting clothes in this season.

Bushnell® Bowhunter™ Chuck Adams Ed. Laser Rangefinder
I’ve always been a fan of Bushnell Rangefinders and I currently use one myself. The Bowhunter Chuck Adams edition is able to acquire targets and give you results fast when you need them. The range goes from 5 – 800 yards with reports of users acquiring targets at 900 yards. The price of this rangefinder beats many of the other similar models by a long shot.

Ameristep Intimidator Blind
I’ve hunted out of the Intimidator a couple times this past Spring and was able to kill a nice turkey from it. The spacious blind features a noise free window curtain, so you can get ready to shoot and not scare away your prey. The fabric also helps eliminate any scent, shine and sound so you’re in complete concealment.

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