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December 12, 2011 Hunting Tips

Gifts For The Hunter On Your Christmas List

With all the goodies and gadgets on the market today, it’s hard to choose just one. In an effort to help those still shopping for the hunter or outdoorsman on your Christmas list, here are a few items that I personally own and think you should give this season:

Sassy’s Serenade Turkey Call

A friend of mine started building custom game calls and has become very successful in his business. There’s no doubt why he wouldn’t. After using his Sassy Serenade to call in my gobbler last spring, there’s no other call I’d rather use. The Sassy Serenade turkey call is a beautifully constructed slate call that has a sound that turkeys love. This is a nice all around call for yelps, purrs and clucks. You will not be disappointed with this turkey call!

Price: $35

Drake Floating Blind Bag

After starting to duck hunt more over the past couple years, I have realized the need for a much better bag to carry all things in. This past year, I purchased the Large Floating Blind Bag by Drake. This bag was definitely designed by a duck hunter himself, as every compartment serves a purpose that a duck hunter needs. Whether you need a dry place to keep your land maps or your keys, flashlight, shells and much more, there are 20 pockets to store your stuff. This bag or the XL is a definite for duck hunters.

Price: $60

Remington 700 CDL Rifle

Does your son not have a rifle to go deer hunting? Is he still using grandpas old Model 70? It’s time to get him his own hunting rifle that he will use and last for years. When I first started deer hunting, I used my dad’s old Remington 7400 30-06. It was a great rifle and still is today, but it comes a time when you need your own gun. I now use a Remington 700 CDL 30-06 rifle for hunting big game. It’s one of the best selling bolt-action rifles on the market. The gun is built by a highly reputable manufacturer and will last you for years. For someone new to rifles, I recommend getting the 700 in .308.

Price: $500-$800

Moultrie M-100 Trail Cam

According to Moultrie, good things come in small packages. With the Moultrie M-100 , you’re packing a whopping 6 pixels, 3 operational modes and up to a 1 year battery life. I have this camera and have taken thousands of photos with it. I think this camera is one of the best, has great picture quality and very easy to use.

Price: $205

Ducks Unlimited Diamond Wood Wench Duck Call

If you’re looking for a duck call that gives those raspy highs and lows and a duck call that keeps from sticking, then I recommend the Diamond Wood Wench duck call made by Primos. It features a tuning hole in the stopper, which allows you to vary pitch: if covered the pitch is lower; uncovered the pitch is higher. I love using wood calls because of the mellow tone quality. This call should be considered when buying for the duck hunter in your family.

Price: $40

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