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November 12, 2014 Photos & Video, Reviews

How To Disassemble and Reassemble Springfield Armory XDS 9mm 3.3

springfield armory xds

This is a video demonstration on how to properly disassemble and remove the parts to clean a Springfield Armory XDS handgun.

Regardless of caliber they are all the same to disassemble, but in this case I will use my 9mm 3.3.

  1. Remove the magazine and always point the firearm in a safe direction and always assume the firearm is loaded.
  2. Visibly check the chamber to make sure it’s empty.
  3. Bring the slide back into the rear position and lock with the slide stop lever.
  4. Then move the disassembly lever into the 12 o’clock position.
  5. Unlock the slide and move forward while also pressing the trigger to release the slide from the frame.
  6. Once removed from the frame, you can easily remove the barrel and spring for cleaning.

This video demonstration should help you take your Springfield Armory XDS handgun apart for cleaning.


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