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August 31, 2013 Hunting Tips

How To Hunt Dove

How to hunt dove - woman dove hunting in camo

For every outdoorsman, there’s one special day that outdoes Christmas Day, their birthday and their anniversary – the opening day of dove season. If you need some help on how to dove hunt, then we’ve compiled a list of some helpful tips for a successful dove hunt.

Dove season kicks off the fall hunting season for most hunters. It usually starts on the first Saturday or Sunday after Labor Day.

Check your shotgun before heading out to field. Give it a good cleaning and shoot a few shells through it to make sure it still shoots properly. There’s nothing worse than going out to the field and having your shotgun malfunction.

Get yourself a best friend to make it easier on you to retrieve your birds. You don’t want to be running out into the field after every successful shot. Get a dog, train them to retrieve and you’ll become best friends forever. Make sure to bring some water out in field for both yourself and mans best friend.

Make sure your license is still good. Don’t get caught with an expired or no license at all. Make a quick trip down to your nearest Wal-Mart sporting goods and purchase a hunting license for a few bucks to save you from the larger fine from your local wildlife enforcement.

Be in the field at the right time. Birds are normally found between their roosting and feeding areas.Early hours from 8-10am and from 5-7pm are usually good times to be in the field.

Find a gravel road. Doves are found on gravel roads frequently to feed on the grit and small gravel. It helps grind the grains in the gizzard.

Shooting form is important but a lot of shooters fail to think about it. Make sure your cheek is setup against the stock. Get a good foot on the ground and make sure your you don’t lose your balance.

Camo is not required for dove hunting but it can help if you are approaching birds. You can wear shorts and t-shirt if you want, especially since it can get very hot and humid in September. Tan, brown or black are good colors to wear while dove hunting.

These are a few good tips on how to hunt dove. If you follow these simple steps, there’s no reason you can’t bag a daily limit of the tasty little birds.

What kind of dove hunting tips do you have to help someone just getting started in dove hunting?



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