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July 17, 2011 Hunting Techniques, Hunting Tips, Hunting Tools

How to Pick the Right Arrows

pick the right arrows

Just like choosing the right ammo in rifles is important, it’s crucial that you know how to pick the right arrows for your next bow hunt. I’ll provide you with some general guidelines here.

Try to think of arrows like golf balls. I know too many guys who drop big money on clubs (usually drivers at my goat-ranch home golf course) and then swing at cheap and/or ancient golf balls. If they’d pony up the money on some modern balls, their game would see an immediate improvement. But they think the clubs are the most important thing.

Deer hunters often fall into the same trap. They’ll drop a thousand bucks on a new compound bow, but then go cheap on the arrows. Big mistake. Here are a few tips for your next trip to the shop. Actually, that is the first tip…

Go to an archery shop

Is stuff a little pricier there? Sure. Do the people know what they’re talking about? Yes. I made good friends with the local archery shop. Actually, I had to go a town over to find some guys I really hit it off with. But their advice is amazing and they keep up with the latest and greatest. Consider the higher prices your charge for access to their wisdom. And if it’s a deal breaker, get their advice and then shop online. But that’s kind of a jerky thing to do.

Learn the lingo

And don’t just know enough to repeat stuff in a group conversation. Know what things mean. Do you know the difference between static spine and dynamic spine? Do you know the performance difference between lighter and heavier arrows? The guys at the shop can help with this. But you can get some good research done on your own.

Be prepared to spend some $$$

You get what you pay for. If you’re hoping to bag a trophy, you don’t want a sub-par arrow notched when you have something good in your sights. The better the arrow, the better your accuracy, stopping power and durability. Things to keep in mind when you are tempted to go cheap.

Speed kills

There are no radar guns in the bush. If all you’re worried about is feet-per-second, you’ve got the wrong hobby. Back to the golf analogy–the guys who can drive it a mile can rarely play well around the green. Or, drive for show, putt for dough. So if your focus is on arrows that go fast, you will find yourself missing the shots that count.

I’m no expert on arrows. But I know enough to know that I don’t know enough. So I rely on help from experts to get the right equipment.

What have you learned recently about arrows?

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