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April 22, 2011 Boar Hunting, Hunting News

Hog Hunting From A Helicopter In Texas?

Hog hunting in Texas could be seeing an increase in guided trips this year. Lawmakers recently approved plans that could expand strict rules on aerial hunting.

The bill, which passed the TX House 137-9 would allow landowners to sell rights to hunt feral hogs and coyotes on their land from helicopters. The latest estimates show that nearly 3.9 million feral hogs roam Texas.

Feral hogs are a mix between the aggressive Russian boar and domesticated pigs. They are usually dark furred and have longer tusks than domesticated pigs. Feral hogs are an unprotected game and can be very dangerous to people.

The hogs, which sometimes weigh up to 400 pounds, destroy crops, knock down fences and eat anything in their path. There have been many cases of feral hogs inside the city limits and causing reports of missing pets and animals. Feral hogs are causing an estimated $400 million a year in damage.

In 2010, there were 116 active permits for aerial hunting, according to TX Parks and Wildlife spokesman Tom Harvey. Other animals that can be hunted from the air include bobcats, red foxes and wild dogs.

“They’re allowing them to sell those hunts, market those hunts…that’s not sport. That’s not hunting. That’s not the Texas way.” said Rep. Eddie Lucio, democrat from Brownsville.

Walter Stewart, owner and operator of M.Y. Ranch in Crockett, Texas said “This will upset a lot of people in East TX. I will not allow it what so ever. You can’t fly over someones property and shoot guns or disturb the game and landowners. This is hunter harassment!”

Are you a landowner with feral hogs on your property? Would you allow hunting from the skies to eradicate these wild hogs on your property? Got any other good feral hog hunting stories? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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