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November 18, 2014 Hunting News

Man Drops Bullet On Ground, Fires And It Hits Him In Head

This is a very interesting [and graphic] story out of Grayson County, Kentucky.

I’d like for you to meet Doug. Doug had been out hunting one afternoon when something happened that he neverĀ even thought could happen.

After a day of hunting and seeing three deer, Doug and his son headed back to the house. As any hunter knows, before loading your firearm back in your vehicle it’s best to unload the shells to be on the safe side.

Doug had unloaded his shells from his .30-30 and had them in his hand when he accidentally dropped one onto the ground. In an instant, the shell fired off and something hit Doug in the head.

I just spoke with Doug’s son, Travis, who was right next to him when the shell went off. He felt the blast on his foot when it fired.

You know ammo drops all the time when you’re holding them and you never think anything of it.

After going to the ER, doctors said it broke the skin all the way back to the skull, but no skull damage occurred.

So what actually hit him? He doesn’t know. Could it have been the bullet? Or the casing? Or maybe just a rock? Either way, we’re glad Doug is ok and wish him the best on his next hunting trip. Be safe guys!



Doug from Kentucky gunshot forehead

Man drops shell and it fires into head

Man gun accident when dropping shell and fires


Source of the story was the /r/hunting subreddit.

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