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April 6, 2016 Hunting News

Massive 15-foot, 800-pound alligator killed in Florida


Two florida hunters killed a massive alligator measuring up to 15 feet and 800 pounds according to the Facebook page of Outwest Farms in Okeechobee, Florida.

Hunters Lee and Blake had noticed something had been killing their cattle and spotted the gator on a guided hunt April 2.

“We also discovered the remains what we determined to be cattle in the water. We determined that he was in fact attacking our livestock as they came to drink,” Godwin said.

On Sunday as they approached the pond, the gator raised up out of the water and Lee shot it about 20 feet in front of them.

The gator was so big they had to use a John Deere tractor to pull it out of the water.

The company has been guiding hog and gator hunts for 18 years and this is the largest gator they have ever taken.

They plan to donate the gator’s meat to charity and have the alligator taxidermied for display at their hunting shows and expos.


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