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March 1, 2011 Hunting News

Missouri Hunting Permits Now Available Online

Missouri Hunting License

I’d like to consider myself an Avid Outdoorsman. Your typical “good-ol-boy from Missouri”. If you’re anything like I am, standing in line waiting to buy a Missouri hunting permit or watching the mail for its arrival is about as exciting as watching my wife crochet. My time is better spent in the fresh air and sunshine or up in a tree stand. When I found out that I can now get a Missouri hunting license online, I was thrilled to say the least.

Beginning this month, you can now buy a Missouri hunting permit online and print it out at home (yay technology!). Fishermen and trappers can also buy and print their permits the same way, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Since 2002, I could get a Missouri hunting permit online, but I could only print out the confirmation page. I had to wait up to two weeks for the permit itself to arrive in the mail.

I’ll still have to pay a $1 convenience fee for buying it online, but I was paying $2 under the old system. Getting out into the field two weeks earlier for a dollar is one of the best bargains around.

My local outdoors store will start selling Missouri Hunting e-Permits in June 2012. For now, other vendors will still use the old system to sell permits to sportsmen. Of course, my buddies who don’t use a computer can make a phone call to buy a permit, too.

The deer and turkey permits are going to look different. There will be months and days printed around the edges to make it easier to record my harvest. At the same time, I’ll be responsible for keeping my permits protected from the elements so they remain legible. I also have to devise a way to attach the permit to that 12-point buck or monster gobbler I’m always dreaming about. The state site provides some suggestions on how to do this, but I’m sure you’ll figure out something better.

Anyone who wants to buy a commercial or special permit will have to do things the old way. They’re not available online just yet.

According to the MDC website, they sell about 2.6 million permits a year and half of those are for deer and turkey. Under the old system, less than 2% of those were sold online.

The new Missouri hunting e-Permits will save the department about $500,000 right off the top each year once this new system is up and running. They’ll save about another $1 million every six to eight years because they won’t have to replace the equipment that vendors now use.

If you need more information on this new system, the MDC site explains everything.

What are your thoughts? Does your state allow purchasing hunting & fishing licenses online? Have you purchased any permits online? Please chime in and let us know!


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