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Most popular and most used anabolic in all major sports

In the second half of the twentieth century, the world changed. In 1956, American Dr. John Ziegler, with the assistance of Ciba-Geigy, received dianabol – a new generation of anabolic steroid in his laboratory, which revolutionized the pharmacology and sports of the time. Immediately after his arrival in the West, methane began to expand to the East, capturing and energizing more and more countries and continents.

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Communist Russia gladly submitted to the charm of the new most powerful medication in the countryside, was captivated by the prospects of new victories at the Olympics and promises of the coming of pharmacological paradise in the near future. The streets and courtyards of Soviet cities in those years were a kind of survival school, and the country as a whole resembled an ancient Sparta for the cult of force and cruelty. Sport occupied a special place in the life of the Soviet man, which is why methane became so popular with us and spread rapidly throughout the territory of the social camp.

in a few years of being born, dianabol became the most popular and most used anabolic in all major sports. It began to be produced and sold almost all over the world. Methane was used by athletes, weightlifters and representatives of various martial arts. The mass passion for this anabolic has grown into a real cult. Millions of people have forgotten about the most important Jewish commandment – “do not create an idol for yourself” and turned dianabol into an idol, carefully placing it in the “steroid cabinet” of your soul in the first place, relegating it to the background and almost forgotten about the correct training program and diet. And nowadays the excitement and interest in this miracle of sports pharmacology does not fade away. Coaches, athletes, doctors literally pray for methanderstenolone, experiencing a supernatural thrill before this steroid.

Methane owns dozens of trade names. It is infinite in its positive and negative manifestations. It is universal in terms of the nature of its impact on the body. It is many faces in its commodity incarnations, sometimes disappearing, but invariably reviving again on the “black market” counters in the form of different foreign methane. He has several hypostases – pills, capsules, injection form (active substance dissolved in oil). It is both horrible and beautiful. In general, the steroid is very remarkable, requiring a detailed description.

Metandrostenolone is an excellent example of the latest achievements of pharmacology in the second half of the twentieth century; it is a unique steroid steroid with moderate androgenic and strongest anabolic effect on the user’s body. The closest relative of methane is methyltestosterone. As well as methylstetite, methane is alkylated to 17-alpha, which protects the active substance from destruction when passing through the liver and makes the steroid hepatotoxic. Like any other steroid, dianabol has a strong effect on protein metabolism. Under the influence of methane, the synthesis of proteins is intensified and thus the production of protein by the body is accelerated. This effect is reflected in a positive nitrogen balance and an improvement in the overall condition of the athlete. It can also be noted that methane has a positive effect on the balance of calcium and other trace elements – it promotes the flow of calcium, magnesium and potassium into the bone tissue. Metandrostenolone has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system of the consumer, helping to recover very quickly from heavy training.

Methanol is a wonderful anti-catabolic. The anticatabolic effect of the steroid is that steroid “methane” molecules block the cortisol receptors on the muscle cell membrane. And cortisol, a strong catabolic hormone produced by the body, loses its destructive power and the muscle cell does not lose protein, i.e. the percentage of protein that “eats” the body under the influence of catabolic processes.

Dianabol is an excellent means of increasing body weight and strength. Rapid meat picking is carried out due to two main processes taking place in the body of the methane absorber: muscle mass hypertrophy and water retention in the body due to the incredibly strong aromatization of the active substance. Therefore, it is not necessary to speak about any “quality” of the muscle mass accumulated on methane. The increase in strength during the period of dianabol intake is due to the fact that this steroid increases the synthesis of creatine phosphate in muscle cells, which plays a decisive role in the restoration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the source of all muscle movements, as it is a combustible material necessary for the cell to perform its work. ATP accumulates in the muscle cell and, if necessary, turns into adenosine diphosphate. This process releases the energy that allows the muscle cell to work. The reverse process of ADP in ATP also requires a CF. The more it is, the faster the recovery process and the more ATP is at the disposal of the muscle cell. In practice, this means that the muscle becomes stronger.

Anyone who has ever tried methane knows that during exercise, the muscles involved often have a “pump effect”, which professionals call “steroid diaper”. The fact is that the steroid increases the amount of blood and red blood cells in the human body. Muscles take on a more voluminous form. Along with these benefits, the increased blood flow to the muscle cell increases the delivery of nutrients to it. The associated phenomenon of increased oxygen supply is often used by runners at medium and short distances.

Like any other steroid preparation, methandrostenolone negatively affects the “Hypothalamus – Hypophysis – Testicles” reflex arc, which regulates testosterone production in the body. When steroids are used, the concentration of exogenous dough in the blood increases and the testicles signal to the hypothalamus that less luteinizing hormone needs to be produced. In this way, the pituitary gland transmits information about less gonadotropin and follicle stimulating hormone release to the pituitary gland. As a result, the testicular sex cells reduce the level of dough production. This disrupts the normal hormonal background, but after the steroid is removed, everything recovers.

Methane has a very fast “half-life” in the body – a maximum of a couple of hours, which is why it is recommended to use this anabolic several times a day to achieve the optimal concentration of the active ingredient throughout the day.

Application, combination and brief historical information
While working on this article, I was constantly seeing the thunder of applause and shouts of an excited public, which for many years accompanied an army of winners, whose sporting exploits would have been impossible without dianabolism. Over the past 50 years, this legendary steroid has been used to achieve countless victories in a wide variety of sports disciplines. However, there have also been losses that have been associated with both a ruined career in sport due to positive test scores and a final failure of health due to years of methane abuse.

The main target audience for methane was bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters and strongholds. Dianabol is primarily used in sports related to lifting weights and the need to absorb huge amounts of protein food. PL and TA athletes love to be charged with methane to fight gravity more effectively. Methane has an unusual ability to make iron lighter, muscles stronger, and reactions sharper than iron sports fans. Methane was so deeply rooted in the weightlifters’ diet that at one time they wanted to exclude weightlifting from the Olympic Games program… fortunately, they came to their senses. In powerlifting and weightlifting, there are a lot of different schemes of methane intake and its combinations with other AAS. These are “methane solo”, various “stairs” with “intervals”, and intermittent methods, and deca+methane (classic genre), and dough+methane (explosive combos), and traditional perverts for light weight categories such as methane+stan… shorter than half a century of experience in using methanderstenolone gives us the opportunity to choose – how to maximize the benefits for their sports career to poison the body with a meth. Despite the fact that methane and test in PL and TA are the most common steroids, not all law enforcers in the home steroid cabinet can be found to have dianabol, because the need for doping – the test at any little bit serious competitions, push athletes to experiment with other oral steroids (turinabol, oxandrolone, etc.). Methane is known to have a detection period of more than three months for doping controls.

Bilders, as well as weightlifters, have been eager to burst methane since it was made available to ordinary mortals. But methane occupies a special place in bodybuilding… If weightlifting and powerlifting can be imagined without steroids, the use of AAS is one of the pillars of the bodybuilding idea in bodybuilding. Without steroids, bodybuilding is impossible, because methane users are one step higher than their predecessors – the adherents of natural bodybuilding – on the evolutionary ladder. In BB, dianabol is mainly used during the period of active weight gain (although there are some cases when athletes were dried on a meth lab, combining the use of this waterborne anabolic with diuretics) and is combined with various injectable steroids.

In track and field athletics, methane has been the main inspirer and main reason for setting new world records for decades. It was athletes who were the first to pay attention to dianabol and tested it in combat conditions in gyms and stadiums. By that time, the idea of “clean” sports and fair competition finally disappeared from the minds of athletes, it was replaced by the spirit of sports pharmacology. Since the beginning of the 60s, all victories in light sports disciplines were made with systematic injections of testosterone and mandatory methandrostenolone intake. Without steroids, athletes could not imagine preparation for the competition. The 1968 Olympic Games, held in Mexico City, were an illustrative event in this regard. These competitions broke all the old world records and set new ones that surpassed what seemed to be human capabilities. Thus, a new level of sporting achievements was set, which could not be achieved without special steroids. The successful promotion of methane in big sport was facilitated by anti-doping control, which until the late 1980s was purely symbolic. It was only at the turn of the 1990s that long-lived methanderstenolone metabolites were discovered in the laboratories of Cologne and Montreal and, thanks to the use of high-resolution mass spectrometry, a major blow to doping enthusiasts was struck. Following this landmark event, the Anti-Doping Committee sanctioned a major fight against steroid use, marked by a wave of disqualifications and litigation.

Okay…it’s time to get to the bottom of the story and get to the bottom of it – the practice of using steroids.

The usual daily dose of methane ranges from 20mg to 50mg; this amount is usually divided into several equal portions and taken two or three times a day. It is better to take the tablets half an hour after a meal, drinking plenty of water.

The duration of administration should not exceed ten weeks, because after this period the body ceases to react to the active substance growth of strength and weight, ie, there is an addiction to the steroid. The upper limit of the daily dose, which is usually 50mg, is not a dogma. The “daily rate” of methane depends on many factors (height and weight of the athlete, age, experience of taking pharmacies, presence of specific goals and objectives) and sometimes athletes reach fantastic 100mg per day and more. However, beginners are quite satisfied with 30mg for confident and constant progress. Despite the recommendations of some “authorities” to resorb tablets under the language (allegedly in this way you can reduce the “load” on the liver), I do not advise to do so for two reasons: first, by resorbing the wheel under the tongue, you still have to swallow the resulting porridge at the end of this exciting process, and second, methane is not so dangerous to the liver, as it is often described in forums and special literature.

I have already mentioned that there are an infinite number of different schemes of methane intake and its combinations with other steroids. Below are some specific examples of cycle consumption of this anabolic.

An option for freshmen. 6 weeks of 30mg per day. It is possible to discuss whester methane is a steroid for beginners for a long time. I don’t think so. However, my opinion does not affect the fact that dianabol has been the most popular steroid among young animals for decades. It is with him that the vast majority of chemical pioneers begin their pharmacological journey.

A combination for aesthetes. 8 weeks of intake of 30mg of methane per day and 30mg of gold. Powerlifters and weightlifters like this kind of pervert like to play in light weight categories. I don’t know the sacred meaning of such intricate variants, but they say that philosophers – pederasts in ancient Greece – were fond of the combination of methane and millimeters…
cycle for the “experienced”. Methane 40mg per day + 50mg – 100mg testosterone propionate in a day. Duration from 6 to 8 weeks. I always recommend beginners to start with short steroids, it is especially important when you first meet with androgens. If something goes wrong and you feel some abnormal effect of the steroids, you can always quickly cancel them and thus minimize all the side effects.
cycle for “cautious”. The cycle lasts for 10 weeks. The first 8 weeks: Boldenon 600mg – 800mg per week + methane 40mg per day. The last two weeks of the cycle – 40mg stasol per day. This option is suitable for athletes who are afraid of potential side effects of “heavy” steroids.
cycle for “advanced” athletes. The cycle lasts for 10 weeks. The first 8 weeks: 200mg nandrolone per week + 500mg testosterone enanthate per week + 40mg methane per day. The last two weeks of the cycle: 100mg propionate in a day + 50mg stall per day. Classic mass-assembly variant with “output” on short steroids. As a result, you can get 8 kg of water mass and have a bitch udder.
A combination for crocodile hunters. Duration – 10 weeks. The first 8 weeks: Trenbolone enanthate 300mg – 400mg per week + testosterone cipionate 800mg per week + methane 50mg per day. The last two weeks of the cycle: 100mg propionate per day + 50mg turinaball per day. Excellent cycle for active meat-picking, accompanied by a magnificent growth of strength, as well as increasing aggression. By the end of the eighth week you will be able not only to lift heavy metals, but also to hunt crocodiles in local waters.
In addition to the usual variants I have listed above, there are also so-called non-traditional schemes of methane intake: intermittent method, interval method, etc., etc. Each of these variants has its own tasks. Intermittent method, for example, in theory should ensure the operation of the steroid without any negative impact on the production of endogenous testosterone. The interval method is designed not to cause the body to become accustomed to the active substance and to reduce the “pressure” on the liver. In practice, these methods often do not work for a variety of reasons, so I can not recommend such unconventional variants of methane intake. It is also necessary to talk about another form of pharmacological extreme … some nearby chemists like to “throw a metal on the bridge” between cycles in order to keep the accumulated mass. Such extreme measures are contraindicated to amateur chemists and are suitable only for professional athletes who cannot do without such bridges. And nobody uses dianabol for bridges anymore, for intercycle drift it is more expedient to use injection preparations (testosterone, for example) in reasonable dosages, which is what professionals do. Bridge on oral medications is atavism.

Side effects

If you ask an average gym visitor what associations he has in his head when he hears the word “methane”, the very first link of the associative series will necessarily be the phrase “toxicity to the liver”. Hepatotoxicity is just one of the side effects of dianabol, but that’s what many chemists are most afraid of. Therefore, I will dwell on this topic in more detail. Methane, as well as any other oral steroid steroid, can cause thickening of the liver wall, as well as deterioration of biliary tract conductivity, which can lead to stagnation of bile and pain in the right side. Traditionally, many “connoisseurs” and ignorant gurus of pharmacology advise to drink steroids such as carcillos, essentiale, li- 52, allohol or oatsol at the same time when using methane, in order to avoid stagnation of bile and to “clean” the liver a little. Not only do these steroids not help the liver during the cycle, but they also harm it. Here’s the thing… The choleretic preparations are divided into 2 groups: some of them increase the production of bile choleratics (allochol, holenzim), others – cholecinetics, contribute to its outflow from the gall bladder into the intestines (colossus). So, if you take steroids that contribute to the formation of bile, you only CARE the situation. Therefore, on the cycle of choleretic intake we take only Holosas! And hepatoprotectors (karsil, essentiale, etc.) have a membrane stimulating effect on liver cells, which in turn leads to thickening of the liver wall and bile stagnation, which is difficult to seep through the thick membrane. So it is more reasonable to take hepatoprotectors after the cycle and in this case it is better to choose Heptral and Hepa-mortar.

Dianabol is as good as other steroids at hitting the reflex arch “Hypothalamus – Hypophis – Testicles” and suppresses the production of its own testosterone, so after the steroid is canceled it is necessary to conduct post-cycle therapy, or at least drink tribulus-moderating steroids.

There is no sense to dwell on other side effects in detail, so I will just briefly list them: high blood pressure, premature baldness, prostate problems, acne, temporary sterility, gynecomastia, high levels of “bad” cholesterol.

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