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November 5, 2013 Hunting News, Photos & Video

Officials In Search Of Deer With Arrow In Head

New Jersey wildlife officials are looking for a deer that survived being shot in the head with an arrow.

As seen in the image below, the deer showed up around noon Friday in the Rockaway Township backyard of Susan Darrah, who photographed the animal from several feet away while it stood behind her home. The animal was traveling with several other deer at the time.

Darrah said that the deer returned to her property late-Friday afternoon, then again Saturday morning and afternoon. Darrah said that she has left corn and pear pieces in an attempt to lure the animal back so that she can contact New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife workers to try and tranquilize the animal for treatment.

New Jersey bow hunting season opened recently. In a Facebook post, Darrah said she believes that, “this was not done intentionally. any hunters i know would have looked for this deer knowing they missed a clean shot.”


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