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Six Beautiful Women Who Know How To Kill A Turkey

For men who love the outdoors and hunting, there’s nothing better than meeting a beautiful woman who enjoys doing the same thing. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful turkey hunters we could find. Guys, here’s your chance to meet six women who love the outdoors and can teach you a thing or two about killing a turkey.

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Hometown: Kingman, Indiana

Kortney has been hunting for the majority of her life. She always went with her dad and brother. Her dad introduce her to bowhunting and she’s been hooked ever since. She has never killed anything with a gun and doesn’t plan to. It’s “all bow, all season” every season, she says.


Hometown: Dixie County, Florida

Rebecca is twenty five years old now and has been hunting for twenty five years. She was with her mother and father deer, hog and gator hunting until she was 8 months in the womb. Her past two turkeys were taken with her Weatherby 12 gauge shotgun, but her goal is to get one with a bow next season.


Hometown: Auburn, AL

Rozanne is a huge fan of the outdoors. She enjoys deer, turkey, dove and many other types of hunting. She has also been featured on the cover of Louisiana Sportsman.


Homestate: Vermont

Karen is known as the Vermont Huntress. She can be a girl when she wants to be, but being in the outdoors is her true passion. Getting kids into the outdoors is very important to her as well. She started hunting when she was an adult and was mostly self taught. Her choice of weapon would be her daughter’s youth 20 gauge shotgun (Chales Daly). She says it’s nice and lite to carry in the woods and it can take down a bird easily at 40 yards.


Hometown: Springdale, Washington

Shannon was exposed to hunting early on. She went on rifle hunts with my family but never was the hunter myself as she was booked up with school, cheerleading, church and work. It wasn’t long after she met her future husband Matt who bought her first pink bow. She’s been addicted ever since. After they married they went on their “hunting moon” to South Africa.


Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Mandy has been hunting for about fifteen years, started turkey hunting four years ago and she loves it. Her weapon of choice for turkey hunting is her Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun with the thumb-hole!

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Visit our latest Women of the Outdoors post – 6 Beautiful Girls Who Love To Hunt And Fish

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