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February 7, 2014 Photos & Video

Small Doe ‘Attacks’ Dog And Follows Fisherman

Wes Yancey from www.modernoutdoorsportsman.com uploaded a video on Youtube of a deer “attack” and then we deer followed the fisherman and even let Wes pet it.

Here’s the video description from Yancey on YouTube.

“We hiked to the Clackamas River and on the way out we had a Deer Attack. The Deer was very strange in behavior as it charged several of us and then would not leave our side. We tried to continue our walk after the surprise and the Deer would follow us the whole way. Eventually we ran the Deer off worried that it may stomp Murray our dog and also thought it may be good to encourage the animal to not approach humans.

There are a lot of deer attack videos on the internet, but this one is really unique and interesting. It’s like the doe has a trusting bond with the fisherman of wanting to be with them.

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