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September 22, 2011 Hunting Tips

Tips For Taking A Kid Or Guest Hunting

With bow hunting already in progress for most states and a lot more opening this coming weekend, a lot of hunters already have friends or family they want to take hunting on their land. The key to taking a kid or a friend hunting is to make it an enjoyable experience for them, even if they don’t kill anything.

One of the best ways to hunt with a kid is from a ground blind. For one, you don’t have to worry about any accidents with them high up in a tree. Another good thing is it conceals most of their movement. First time hunters and kids can get fidgety and move around quite a bit.

You can also hunt with a kid or guest from a two man tree stand. Although, they aren’t as easily concealable, you can still wrap some camouflage burlap around it and be fine. If taking a kid hunting, always have a video game or cell phone game available so they have something to keep them occupied.

Make sure to hunt over an area where the first time hunter will see a lot of wildlife action, whether it be small doe or turkeys – anything is better than nothing. Chances are they will be interested and want to hunt again.

What other tips do you have for taking a first timer hunting?

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