January 1, 2012 Hunting Roundups

A Look Back: Top 5 Hunting Posts of 2011

It has been a wild and crazy 2011. We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Hunting Posts of the last year:

Rare Cactus Buck Killed In Oklahoma

A cactus buck is a deer that has a condition called cryptorchidism. This hunter from Oklahoma appears to have killed at least a 12 point buck with the condition. This disease can spread from deer to deer, so it’s good to know that this buck was put down. I know PETA probably isn’t too happy about it, but that’s how they do it in Oklahoma.


Arrow Shot Through Hand

We haven’t heard the outcome of this situation but I’m sure the Bass Pro Shops employee that was demonstrating this bow has received some additional training. Hopefully they just moved the employee to the clothing department. I wonder if the customer received a discount on the bow? Or possibly even for free?


Moose On The Loose

A moose on the loose visits the Cabela’s store in Scarborough. The store was holding a moose permit lottery for hunters, but the moose decided to show up a day early(Friday) wondering the parking lot. He could have been there trying to warn potential permit buyers to stay away. Or was he ready for his time to be killed?


Coyote Kills Deer

A hunter’s trail cam caught over 200 amazing photos of a deer getting harassed and eventually killed by two coyotes. This probably happens all the time in nature, but to catch it on camera is extremely rare. We have posted many of the photos on our blog. These photos are not for the squeamish.


Oregon Man Kills Over 300 Deer

An Oregon man has been sentenced to eight months in prison for his role in what Oregon State Police have called the largest deer poaching case in state history. I believe wildlife officials let too many people off the hook easily. This man should have easily received 5 years or more in prison for his violations.


What was your favorite post of 2011?


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