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June 16, 2011 Hunting Tips

Top Ten Spots To Place Your Deer Stand

Thinking about deer season already? Me too. Take the time now to scout a good spot for your deer stand and it could pay big dividends in the fall. Here are 10 spots to keep an eye out for.

#10 – Beaver Dams

Find a dam on a deep river without many other places to cross. Deer don’t love crossing on beaver dams, but in cold weather they will pick it over getting wet.

#9 – Saddles of long ridges

This spot is all about visibility. Plus it forms a natural deer funnel.

#8 – Fence crossings

Find a spot where deer can cross easier. Low fences with no livestock on either side work great.

#7 – Finger ridges

Put your stand on the “palm” and enjoy a view of multiple ridges. More ridges means more areas for traffic.

#6 – Brush strips that extend into fields

Deer stay covered as long as possible when going to feed. Catch them where they step out.

#5 – Treelines

Seems obvious but treelines are the road systems for deer.

#4 – Overgrown areas beneath hardwoods

Big bucks survive by staying hidden most of their lives. These spots provide lots of hidey-holes for wise old bucks.

#3 – Habitat changes

Any spot where there’s a drastic change in landscape or vegetation. Always attracts deer for some reason.

#2 – Remote fruit trees

You’d drive an extra 30 minutes to get your favorite food, right? So will deer.

#1 – Standing corn

While not everyone has access to corn fields, they can make for outstanding honey holes. Sweet corn is even better.
So where are you putting your stand this year? What did I miss?

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