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April 10, 2014 Hunting Tips

Turkey Hunting Doesn’t Have To Be A Rich Man’s Sport

Turkey hunting doesn’t have to be a rich man’s sport. Here are 5 best bargain turkey hunting items.

Who says that one has to spend a lot in order to do something that they love? There are still some things in this world that can be bought in bargain prices but are considered just as functional as more expensive counterparts. Recreational activities such as hunting is now misconstrued as something only reserved for the rich pretty much like fishing and golf. Why? A lot of reviews online only feature items fit for someone who makes a lot of money. It can be difficult to convince ordinary people that a sport such as turkey hunting is for everyone when the first thing they notice is the hefty price tag that comes along with hunting items. However, there are many affordable turkey hunting products online albeit understated. Those whose interest may have been piqued but have not tried this activity because of limited budget should check out these items.

Primos the Gobbler Shaker Call

primos turkey callThe Gobbler Shaker Call made by Primos will make it easier for the hunter to locate turkeys. This produces a very realistic gobbling sound. It’s loud enough for its user to locate even gobblers that may be a distance away from current location. Sounds can be produced two ways. When used with a one-hand operation, the sound produced will alert its user of jakes. Two-handed operation on the other hand will attract the toms.  The great thing about this product is that it comes with a patented silencer cap which prevents it from making any noise when moving about. This product bellows like the real thing and may even convince a granny that a wild turkey is loose inside the house. It’s very easy to use and even novice hunters will get the hang of it on first use. In cold weather conditions, the Gobbler Shaker Call may sound a bit off. Warming it up will make it working like new again. (Price: $12.81)

Feather Flex Decoys SF00845 Turkey Hen Decoy with Stake

turkey decoy jakeOne interesting things about gobblers is that they are stimulated with the sight of hens. The Feather Flex Decoys SF00845 Turkey Hen Decoy with Stake from Flambeau Turkey provides an excellent hen replacement that can be seen even from great distances. It comes in a multicolored feather pattern that gives it its life-like feature. Leave it on the garden and this decoy may be able to fool the neighbors that the homeowners now decided to breed turkeys. Lightweight and compact, carrying these on hunting trips is a breeze. Its weight coupled with its stake are its weakest points. A strong wind may make it spin around or be pulled off from the ground. This, however, can be remedied by providing extra support. Wedging a couple of sticks on the ground should take care of the problem. The decoy can be used for years given extra care. (Price: $17.17)

camo turkey shirtYukon Gear Long Sleeve Mock T-shirt

A good hunter knows that being noticed by the prey is not a good thing. An ordinary shirt whether this is printed or plain may alert the turkey of the hunter’s presence, fleeing instantly when it sees him. The Yukon Gear Long Sleeve Mock T-shirt provides the perfect camouflage when hunting. This comes in a Mossy Oak Infinity Camouflage Pattern that will make the hunter go unnoticed even with eagle-eyed turkeys lurking around. Unlike regular camouflage patterns, the Mossy Oak Infinity Camouflage looks realistic and will blend perfectly with nature as if this was a part of it. The shirt is made of cotton which makes it a very comfortable wear. This is available in several sizes. With its long sleeves and light fabric, the shirt provides light protection both from the sun and slightly cold weather conditions. In the winter, there may need to overlay this with a much warmer clothing such as a parka. (Price: $17.24 – $31.37)

Terramar Men’s Thermolator II Camo Balaclava

camo turkey balaclava mask hatIn the winter, even the best hunters are not immune to the cold. In order to keep warm, one must be protected from head to foot. A person is more likely to feel cold in the ears and the neck. That is why during winter season, people tend to warm up their hands and then place these over the said body parts. But with a gun or a bow in tow, this simply cannot be done when hunting. The Terramar Men’s Thermolator II Camo Balaclava is a full-face mask that will keep the head and neck warm. This was made using Warmth Factor with ec2 Qwik-Dri Thermoregulation and Anti-Microbial Comfort Technology. It also features a Brushed surface that lets its user stay warmer since this traps hot air inside the mask. With its UPF rating of 25+, the hunter need not worry about head being exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Made with stretchable fabric, the size is a perfect fit for everybody. (Price: $25.00)

Gun Mates Ultra Wide Angle Trail Camera

gunmate trailcamIt can be frustrating to wait all day from up a tree or behind some bushes and still come home without a prize to show. One of the ways that could help a hunter track the presence of animals is with the use of game trail cameras. This will do all the work, letting the hunter know if there are any animals such as turkeys frequenting the grounds. The Gun Mates Ultra Wide Angle Trail Camera is a perfect choice since it captures vivid photos with its 12-megapixel camera. Unlike other trail cams, this is energy efficient and has a black and white filter to ensure that photos taken will always come out clear. Operation is very easy and this can be programmed in nine different languages. With its password protection feature, only the user will be able to access files stored in it. (Price: $279.00)

Final Thoughts

While most of the hunting items listed in here are meant to improve chances of bringing home a turkey or two, there is still a need for new hunters to learn some of the tips and trick in bird hunting. Most of the time, the success of a hunting trip does not always lie on how expensive or cheap the apparel and gears being used. Rather, the hunter needs to know how to use these to the best of his advantage.


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