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August 23, 2011 Hunting Theory

Why Are People Afraid of Hunting?

Seems like I deal with someone who is afraid of hunting on a daily basis. And if you’re a hunter, I’m sure you do, too. Maybe there are some people living in remote cabins way out in the middle of nowhere and they never run across critics or fear mongers, but if those people exist I doubt they’re reading this post. So why are these people–the people who fear hunting because they don’t understand it–why are they the way they are?

Growing up in a rural setting, I was around hunting from a young age. And it wasn’t until I was in elementary school that I realized that not everyone lived the way I did. The older I got, the more I noticed that sometimes people think you’re different. But sometimes, they think you’re strange. And there’s a big difference between the two.

I’ve asked some of these people their objections to hunting. The answers you get are usually the same. They think it’s barbaric to hunt down poor, helpless animals. And they think guns are dangerous.

On the second one, I always find common ground with them. Because guns are, in fact, dangerous. They are some of the most dangerous things we own. But, in the right hands they are safe–just like a lot of dangerous things! Kitchen knives, bottles of bleach, cars and trucks; these are all utterly deadly things. But when treated with respect, they are harmless. So the gun argument is usually tacked on ti the barbarian one.

So, is it barbaric to track and kill animals? If you’re vegan and you make this argument with me, I bow out of the conversation. There’s nothing that I can say to a vegan to make hunting sound ok. So I don’t try. I respect vegans for their passion and their dedication to an ideal. But It’s not an ideal that I share.

But I can’t listen to the barbarian argument from anyone else–especially people who regularly eat any kind of meat. Because anyone who tells me that hunting is cruel while eating a cheeseburger is just an idiot. If you want to see barbaric activity, spend 3 seconds in a beef processing plant. Hunters, in general, show tremendous respect for the animals we hunt. And they are harvested carefully and with conservation in mind.

So what are the other reasons that people fear hunting? What do you hear in your neck of the woods?


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